Key questions to ask yourself

What look do you want? Classic? Contemporary? Minimalist? Or purely practical? And how suitable is it for your lifestyle?
If you’ve got a young family, or if you’re less mobile, you’ll want a bathroom that’s easy to clean - so maybe you should be looking at a more practical design.
Are you making the most of the bathroom space you have available? Remember, we have a range of slimline and space-saving designs which can help you.
What budget is comfortable for you? A stylish bathroom suite needn’t cost the earth - we have ranges at all price levels.

Be inspired
Look through style magazines. Check out what other people have done with their bathrooms. Try and look at the bathroom space you have available through fresh eyes, and see what can be done with it.


To comply with the latest safety legislation, it is essential to use a professional installer for your bathroom electrics. These cover a wide range of items including lighting, heating, extractors, shower units and shower pumps. The latest IEE Wiring Regulations indicate what type of electrical equipment can be installed in specified zones within the bathroom.

Heating & ventilation
Towel warming combined with heating can meet several objectives. Many towel rails, now available, offer fashionable styling with either modern or period looks. Panel radiators are still a popular option, with some now featuring built-in towel rails to increase their versatility and value.

For the safety conscious low surface temperature radiators can be obtained. Towel rails and radiators may be connected to the whole-house central heating system or may be stand alone if electric