Saving Water in The Bathroom

Water Saving
At Twyford, we are committed to protecting the natural environment in everything we do - with newwater-saving products, a commitment to the Code for Sustainable Homes, an innovative and responsible approach to packaging and production methods which are as eco-friendly as possible.We’re committed to reducing wastage and to introducing initiatives to minimise the effect we all have on the world’s resources.You can always trust Twyford to be helping the environment. And here are some of the ways we’re doing just that…

Use a Dual Flush WC
Twyford offers a range of toilets with its unique water saving Flushwise® dual flush system. Flushing on 4/2.6L, with an effective average flush of just 3L of water. Flushwise® products carry the Waterwise Marque and all support the Code for Sustainable Homes. All Twyford toilets comply to EN997 Class 2 flushing legislation. For wall hung & back-to-wall toilets use Flushwise® concealed cistern. 
Use Water saving taps & mixers
Twyford X52 Low Flow range limit water flow in basin taps to 7/4L/min and 6L/min in shower mixers. The unique dual action basin tap delivers water at 4L/min with one click back and 7L /min with two clicks, allowing you to choose the flow rate and thus save water. X52 Low Flow comply with BREEAM:WAT 1 assessment criteria.

Water saving baths

Twyfords Opal and Celtic baths have capacities of just 140 and 130L, whilst still giving a luxurious bathing experience. The new Celtic "Low Volume" 1700 bath has a capacity of 140L to the overflow, whilst still offering the benefits of a standard steel bath. That's an estimated 35% water saving compared to a standard size bath.