Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

From 1st July 2013 the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) replaces the Construction Product Directive.

The CPR now makes it mandatory for manufacturers to provide a Declaration of Performance (DOP) and apply CE marking to any construction products which are covered by a harmonised European standard. Previously under the Construction Product Directive product CE marking was voluntary in the UK.

All harmonised European product standards provide an informative Annex; Annex ZA. This forms a checklist for manufacturers regarding CE marking, test standards and performance criteria.

Twyford sanitary products covered by a harmonised European standard and therefore within the scope of the CPR are listed below.

The CPR does not directly affect building regulations and it will be enforced by Trading Standards, except Northern Ireland (Environmental Health Officers).

Declaration of Performance (DOP)
By issuing a product’s DOP Twyford assumes legal responsibility for the performance of the product verses the appropriate harmonised European standard. The format and content of the DOP is defined in Annex ZA of each harmonised European standard.

Twyford have established a DOP for each product group and also detail a list of all individual products applicable to that group.

CE Marking
CE marking enables a product to be legally placed onto the market and confirms that it meets the stated DOP. The CE marking requirements for each product are detailed in the appropriate harmonised European standard (Annex ZA).

Twyford provides full CE marking information for all products on the product barcode label. This marking details the applicable harmonised European standard, the DOP reference and the intended use of the product.
Useful information:
UK product contact point for construction - Department for Communities & Local Government Building Regulations and Standards Division. Planning Portal - Construction products regulations & CE marking, including UK product contact point for construction


Guidance Note on the Construction Products Regulation can be found at the Construction Products Association (CPA) website.


The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) can be found at European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry website.