Twyford - the pioneers of water saving toilet technology

Twyfords Celtic low volume bath and Moda Flushwise wall hung toilet and Moda washbasin

Twyford has long recognised the importance of water saving. It was the first company to introduce the 4/2.6 litre flushing toilet into the UK market as the pioneers of Flushwise®, Twyford’s dual flush technology which uses up to 60% less water than a standard flushing toilet. This ground-breaking development also resulted in Twyford becoming the first bathroom manufacturer to be awarded Water Wise accreditation.

30% of the water each adult uses daily goes on flushing toilets, out of the nine billion litres consumed in the UK every day. Flushwise® technology helps to significantly reduce water consumption without affecting performance or user experience. Such is Twyford’s commitment to water saving that seven of its ranges already include Flushwise® toilets, from the mid-market e500, Galerie and Moda ranges to the entry-level e100 range, giving a wide choice of designs at prices to suit all budgets. These toilets are available across a number of installation options including close-coupled, wall-hung and back-to-wall.

Other Twyford water saving products include low volume baths which feature innovative contouring of the internal profile of the bath, meaning that up to 90 litres of water are saved per bath while still providing an enjoyable bathing experience. Options include the Celtic steel bath which achieves 140 litres when full, and the Opal acrylic bath which achieves a staggering 130 litres. Both baths are standard size, measuring 1700 x 700mm.

Twyford will continue to develop its range of water saving products, in particular introducing more Flushwise® toilets into its product portfolio, predicting that one day they will become standard for everyone.

Image featured: Twyford’s Celtic low volume bath features innovative contouring of the internal profile of the bath, so it still provides an enjoyable bathing experience while saving up to 90 litres of water per bath. Pictured with a Moda wall-hung Flushwise® toilet and washbasin.