Total Install®

Twyford has invested in extensive research about installation needs with all types of professionals, resulting in an installation system called Totall Install®.

The Twyford Total Install® system enables bathrooms to be fitted through an array of ingenious factory-fitted professional fittings. A quick and easy high quality finish, can be achieved using fewer tools, whilst also providing products that can be easily maintained.

Washbasins – Wall brackets

Twyford Total Install® washbasins are supplied complete with factory fitted wall brackets and wall fixings for use on plaster board walls only. The brackets for the washbasins can be adjusted for easy post-installation tiling without removal. Please note, the brackets are non-load bearing and are for positioning only, therefore must be used in conjunction with a full pedestal.

Available as standard on Moda 550, 600 and 700mm washbasins, Galerie Plan 550, 600 and 650mm washbasins and Galerie 550, 600 and 650mm.

Washbasins – Tap holes

Twyford Total Install® 2 tap washbasins are supplied complete with reduced 7mm smaller tap holes which help with accurate alignment and give you a watertight seal.

Available on Galerie 450mm handrinse washbasin and 550mm semi-recessed and countertop washbasins.

WC Suites

Twyford WC pans already come complete with floor fixings, ‘drill holes’ in the pan foot, plugs and integral cover caps, providing a truly secure and professional finish.

Twyford top fix seats and covers come with pre-assembled hinges and a positioning template to aid your installation, making it easier and more accurate.

Twyford dual flush push button toilet cisterns come with factory-fitted valves and fittings - saving you time and energy.

Total Install® toilets feature a push-fit service valve and connector guaranteeing a watertight seal without cross threading or the need for extra parts.

The connector is available on Galerie only.


When installing an enclosure the location of the horizontal and vertical profiles can be a tricky job, particularly with a quadrant... but not with Twyford shower enclosures! Both es200 & es400 feature a click-lock mechanism for the quick and easy assembly of horizontal and vertical profiles.

In addition to the above feature es400 enclosures also feature a quick fixing wall profile, creating ease and speed the wall profile simply clips into place instead of having to use screws.

Bath panels

View and Refresh bath panels are both available with Total Install®

The full Total Install® feature can only be achieved with the View panel when used with the 1700 x 700mm Galerie bath. Threaded magnets are supplied with the panel which can be screwed into inserts on the bath leg set. The panel comes pre-assembled with mounting plates which will simply click into place, so there is no need to build your own frame or waste time getting accurate measurements.

The Refresh panel is supplied with a magnetic wooden mounting frame which must be assembled before the panel is fitted. The panel comes pre-assembled with mounting plates which will simply click into place.


Twyford’s Galerie Total Install® baths are supplied with all the necessary screws and fixings which have been standardised to reduce the number of tools required. They come complete with a factory-fitted tubular leg set which simply flips into place.

Shorter bath feet thread into inserts and make for fast adjustment and levelling. The feet of the bath also act as extra protection for the rim of the bath during transit and storage.

Tap holes are smaller making taps & mixers easier to fit and align, removing the risk of seepage and too close a fit to surrounding tiling. Galerie baths also include a self-adhesive upstand kit designed to solve the problem of leakage between tiles and the bath edge.