Revolutionary solution
The revolutionary Rimfree® toilet has no rim. With no rim it means there’s quite simply nowhere for germs to hide. Its ultra hygienic design makes it easy to clean – and with no rim shadow, the bowl looks cleaner and shinier. The flushing system clears away residue effectively and regular cleaning is simpler than ever before. Rimless technology was initially developed to meet the stringent demands of the Department of Health’s Health Technical Memorandum HBN 00-10 Part C. HBN 00-10 Part C provides guidance on the specification of sanitaryware for use in healthcare buildings with the key objective of minimising the risk of infection. The same technology that made our rimless toilets such a success in the healthcare sector has now been incorporated into the contemporary and compact styling of the Rimfree® toilet.

So easy to clean
Without a rim regular cleaning is easier than ever before – a quick wipe over with a cloth produces sparkling results every time. You could even use less cleaning products as there is no need to squirt product under the rim to get rid of the germs you can’t see. Outside is easy to clean too. The fully back-to-wall design of the Rimfree® means there are no awkward places for dust to gather.

And so Eco too
For example the E100 Premium Rimfree® uses Twyford’s unique Flushwise® 4 and 2.6 litre dual flush technology, using up to 60% less water than a standard toilet.

A conventional toilet, has a large number of holes under the rim, or a narrow slot running its length. It's almost impossible to properly clean under the rim so millions of germs could be hiding there.

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