Twyford leads the way in water saving innovation throughout the bathroom. With us, it’s not an afterthought – everything is designed with water use reduction in mind.

Outperforming the regulations

The problem of water scarcity is increasing globally. Current usage is unsustainable and water saving is a key element in planning for new developments. At Twyford, we design with this in mind. It’s not an afterthought,it’s an inspiration. Our innovative, market leading products conform to and outperform regulations, reducing water consumption dramatically, with no compromise on functionality and style.

The European Water Label

All Twyford toilets and many other Twyford products are registered and therefore listed by theEuropean Water Label (EWL). The European Water Label is designed to help easily identify water efficient products, which when installed and used correctly will use less water and save energyand money, compared to other products available in the market. Please visit European Water Label for more information.


Twyford were the pioneers of Flushwise®, the dual 4/2.6 litre flush technology for toilets that has since become widely adopted across the UK bathroom industry, it is for this product that Twyford received the Waterwise Marque back in 2007. The Waterwise Marque - the first scheme in the UK to highlight water efficient products. It is awarded annually to products which reduce water wastage or raise awarenessof water efficiency. Please visit Waterwise for more information.

The Flushwise® dual flush system is now available on seven out of the company’s 11 ranges covering all sectors of the market from entry level to top end with a choice of designs and price points.These are e100, e200, e500 and Alcona.


More than half (63%) of our daily water consumption at home originates from the bathroom and toilet.

Twyford have been leading the way in reducing toilet flush volumes. We have revolutionised the field by pioneering the unique Flushwise® dual flush push button toilet. Flushwise® toilets use 4 or 2.6 litres each flush, that’s 60% less water than a standard toilet and is also available on concealed cisterns.

Taps & mixers

X50, X52, X60, X62, X70, X120 taps, mixers and shower valves can be fitted with flow regulators to reduce the rate of water flow. Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth, soaping hands and shaving. A running tap uses up to 9 litres of water per minute.


Twyford’s Celtic steel bath has a capacity of just 140 litres, that’s an estimated 35% water saving compared to a typical standard size bath.The Opal acrylic 1700 x 700mm bath is also available in a water saving option, with a low volume capacity of only 130 litres to overflow.